A note from the Captains,

Originally conceived as a “A grand night out for pirates, buccaneers and nautical miscreants of all stripes!” the Swashbuckler’s Ball was first launched in November of 2010. The brainchild of Mark Axton (a.k.a. The Dread Pyrate Topknot) and Dan Clark (a.k.a. Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis), the event was a true piratical inspiration. Once the summer festival and faire season had ended, where could Portland’s pirates go to celebrate another successful and glorious year? Could we fit everyone into a single building, add music, a bar (more than one bar, of course), a banquet of food, and maybe even raise a few doubloons for charity?

SwashBall was born.

Nine years later, the Swashbuckler’s Ball (or “Pirate Prom” as it has become affectionately known by attendees) has served as host to some of the most spectacular bands this side of Tortuga. The likes of Chervona, Tempest, Coming Up Threes, Brother, The Pirates Charles, Abney Park, and the Young Dubliners have all graced the main stage at SwashBall. Along the way, we’ve even been able to raise a bit of coin for DoveLewis, the Oregon Humane Society, Q Center, MyVoiceMusic, The Uprise Books Project, and Wild Violet Child Development Community.

So here we are, plotting and scheming to bring about the 9th Annual Swashbuckler’s Ball! We’re incredibly excited about this year’s SwashBall, and we hope you’ll join us for Portland’s premiere pirate event. We’ll release details on this website as well as on our Facebook page as we have them. We’ve got some truly unique and amazing things in store for this year, and we’ve never been more proud about SwashBall. The support we continue to receive for this event is truly inspiring and humbling. We hope to raise our tankards with you on November 3rd as we sail into strange, new waters at the Kridel Grand Ballroom.

Fair winds and following seas,

Topknot & Redgoat

The Swashbuckler’s Ball is...