Wild Lilac Child Development Community

One of the most anticipated aspects of every SwashBall is the raffle. Each year, the artists, craftspeople and businesses of our community come together to provide donations to our charity raffle. This year, we will be once again supporting the efforts of Wild Lilac Child Development Community.

If you would like to make a donation to this year's raffle, please email raffle@swashbucklersball.com

If you don't know about Wild Lilac, they are celebrating their tenth year of service to young children, their families, and the community. They hold dear to their intention of creating a respectful, coactive, engaging environment for children to learn and play. It is Wild Lilac’s foundational belief that children who develop self-confidence, the ability to think critically, problem solve, and engage in creative risk-taking in the early years later have the tools and confidence to excel not only in school but as lifelong learners and community members. Wild Lilac is inspired by the wonder and imagination of early childhood and we are deeply committed to providing children with a first time school experience that is engaging, warm and loving.